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                  Master Class Series Triple Threat Intensive
                                July 2-12, 2024         9am-4pm

  • What level of training should participants have to take the Summer Intensive?
    There is no requirement for training to participate in the Summer Intensive. We will group participants according to experience level on the first day of classes. All participants should have a Music Theatre solo prepared for the vocal classes. Students interested in the 2024 Audition Stream will submit a self-tape of a music theatre piece - dates and information to be announced.
  • What is the 2024 Audition Prep?
    The Audition Prep is best suited for performers who require specific audition preparation materials for theatre programs, pre-post secondary prep, and auditioning into the industry. AT NO EXTRA COST, Audition Prep performers will work in depth on two solos and one monologue during the intensive.
  • Is a one-week option available for your Summer Intensive?
    In order to get the full benefit of training, Our Master Class Series is designed as a full 9 day training session.
  • What does a typical day at the Intensive look like?
    A typical day might look like: 9:00 AM - Yoga, Meditation, and Opening Focus 9:30 AM - Music Theatre Choreography and Dance Technique 10:30 AM - Vocal Production 11:30 AM - Lunch Break 12:30 PM - Vocal Masterclass with our incredible guest artists 1:30 PM - Fosse Dance Workshop 2:45 PM - Musical Scene Study While each day is slightly different, every day students will experience dance and vocal classes, with additional workshops and masterclasses with our amazing artists. These classes include on-camera technique, improvisation, pop vocals and industry talks.
  • What are your class sizes?
    Typically our dance classes have no more than 20 students in one of Sean Boutilier's 3 large dance studios. Acting and vocal masterclasses will have fewer students for full learning opportunities. To learn more about the facility, please visit their website:
  • What will my child need in order to participate?
    Comfortable dance wear, leggings, t-shirt, sweatshirt, jazz or running shoes, notebook, pencils, water bottle and packed (nut free) lunch/snacks. Your own yoga mat (if you have one) or one will be provided.
  • How do I pay?
    Once you have registered, we will send you an invoice. We accept e-transfer:
  • Can my child leave the property for lunch?
    Absolutely! Each child will have a signed waiver from their parent/guardian to head out for lunch. We are very close to Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dairy Queen, Harvey's and a few independent takeouts. Please note: Lunch will be a 1 hour break, so a prepared lunch may be more efficient.
  • Do the dance studios have proper air filtration systems?
    The studios HVAC systems are gold standard equipment. We have 6 separate roof top units to service our six studios with our advanced filtration system serviced every 3 months.
  • What is your refund policy?
    REFUND POLICY 2024 Jan. 1 - May 15 - Refund - 5% May 16-June 1 - Refund - 10% June 2 -June 15 - Refund- 50% After June 16 - No Refund
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