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JULY  2-12  2024  9am-4pm




Participants aged 12 to 21 receive top class training from Music Theatre, Dance and Acting professionals in a supportive and fun environment from July 4-14, 2023

9am-4pmJuly 5-15, 2022  9am-4pm 


Founded by the late Paul Aikins, the intensive began in connection with the esteemed Etobicoke School of the Arts Music Theatre department. The Masterclass Series is currently co-run by the head of the Music Theatre department, Patricia Warnock and Sharon Heldt, founder of Acting Out Kids Theatre.


Many of our participants go on to audition for The Etobicoke School of the Arts or are current students looking to further develop their skills. We are proud to say that our alumni have also gone on to train in post-secondary programs such as Sheridan's Music Theatre Degree Program. 


The Summer Intensive participants will take part in a variety of classes lead by industry professionals:


  • Music Theatre

  • Vocal production

  • Tap

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz                                          

  • Vocal Masterclass

  •  Acting for Film

  •  MT Scene Study

  • Movement & Mindfulness

  • Improvisation


Summer Intensive participants will perform in a final showcase on Friday, July 14th at 2pm. 

All Summer Intensive participants will perform in a group Music Theatre dance number. Advanced participants will have the opportunity to participate in an Industry Agent Showcase. 


Parents, family members and guardians are welcome to attend!

New for 2024

The Masterclass Series is pleased to introduce the ‘Audition Stream’ as part of our Masterclass Series program. This stream is best suited for performers who would like feedback from talent agents and the end of the Intensive, as well as more specific audition preparation (for theatre programs, pre-post secondary prep, auditioning into the industry). Performers interested in this stream will be contacted to submit a video audition of one music theatre song.



Sabrina Poncho
     ESA Music Theatre         Gr. 12

I've been involved with the Master Class Intensive for 4 years and have loved every single year I've participated!

The skills that you will learn from these 2 weeks will be absolutely essential in your journey throughout the performance industry. The instructors in the Master Class Series Intensive have given me feedback that I still use to this day.

They care for their students so much and try to help you to the best of their ability in order to succeed. You will also meet amazing friends along the way that can last a lifetime. I'm so fortunate enough that I've met one of my best friends from this intensive! Thankful for everyone I've met throughout this program!

I wouldn't be the performer I am today without you!


Ryan Hocking
ESA Music Theatre Graduate

Attending the Master Class Series Triple Threat Intensive truly had a transformative impact on both my time at ESA and my personal journey as a performer. Initially I attended the intensive the summer before my first year at ESA in order to gain dance and acting training, as I had no previous 

experience in either discipline. After two weeks of top-notch training from ESA faculty and industry professionals, I was confidently able to call myself a triple threat performer. The Master Class Intensive provided me with a strong foundation in all three areas of Music Theatre, enabling me to build upon this foundation throughout my time at ESA.  The Master Class Intensive also connects you with other individuals who share similar passions. The training and experiences took me from someone who had no previous dance experience to being a leader and a dance captain of ESA’s Show Choir “Splash”.  I strongly recommend The Master Class Series Triple Threat Intensive.  It will take your skills to the next level, all while introducing you to a phenomenal teaching team and lifelong friends.


Owen Mersky
ESA Music Theatre Graduate

I took part in the Master Class Dance Intensive in the summer of 2018, and initially I was hesitant to do so.

I didn’t see myself as a particularly good dancer at that point, and Mr. Aikins had to convince me to  put myself out there and give it a try. I’ve been forever grateful that he pushed me to do so. The experience was one in which I shed my fears and kept myself open.  As a performer, a dancer, I grew exponentially and this was really where I began to find joy in improving my skills towards my passion. There’s something electrifying about letting yourself go and throwing yourself into something you love, and for me, the Master Class Series Intensive sparked that joy. Even though I’m not pursuing arts in my post-secondary studies, I continue to hold the experience close to my heart as a moment where I looked past my own insecurities and pursued an interest without fear, without judging myself.


Cailan Bodner
ESA Music Theatre      Graduate              Sheridan Music Theatre

The Master Class Series gave me wonderful opportunities as a passionate musical theatre student. I got the chance to explore both dance and musical theatre with young, working performers, as well as seasoned professionals. This gave me a very deep well of knowledge to pull from that still informs the work I do today as I move through my third year at Sheridan  in the Music Theatre Degree program. The Master Class Series also offered some very helpful insights into the professional world - and I met my first ever agent through the program!

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